In the corner of East Africa, 

there is a country called Kenya.

There you will find a place called the Maasai Mara, the home to thousands of animals.

Among these animals you will find

the young animals of the Kenyan savannah.


“Mtoto” which is pronounced as “MMM TOH TOH” is swahili for baby. The brand was created by Kenyan artist Caroline “Caro”.


The  young “Mtoto” animals represent the essence of Kenya via their swahili names, the vibrant colours which represent the Maasai tribes and the vibrant Kenyan culture. 


Each animal represents a huge aspect of what represents Kenya, many like Faru the Rhino are endangered species, and Caro hopes as the brand grows there will be focuses on the lives of each animal. 

The prints are designed to brighten any room, with so many choices of background colours and a free personalisation option.